Home Made Apps Are Easy?

Mobile apps for the iPhone and iPad are really popular right now and will continue to grow in popularity as more and more people learn how to use and create homemade applications. Companies and individuals alike can benefit from creating these apps and use them to gain more customers or to make more money with them. Here is a brief article explaining the new application surge for iPhones and iPads and how you can make money by creating your own homemade apps.

The first thing you should do is do your homework. Do a lot of research to find out what apps are selling and which ones aren’t. The iPhone, iPad app market is super competitive and not everyone who creates an app is going to make money off of it. But, keep in mind that the competition wants you to think it is difficult and expensive and out of your reach, it is not!

You will give yourself a better chance of succeeding in the market by researching the market, finding out what’s hot or you may well have the next big app floating around in your head! Then get the correct software tools and training to make one of these bestselling apps better or create your own. There is a 8th grader that created an app that was downloaded over 2 million times. WOW!

Once you know what you want your app to do, the first thing you will need to do is write down the exact functions it should perform. Then you will need to draw up an illustration of how you want the app to look. Remember the iFart app? Maybe you don’t. Well the person who created it did not know anything about programming or app development at all. They just had the funny idea and took action to make it real.

And now they are averaging about $10,000 per month from this amazingly simple application! Just think about it! How’s that possible? It is with the right tools! And don’t be scared off by the competition.

This person got the basic software, basic training and advice. I am not saying you will make this kind of money but it is possible and can be fun in the process.

Now that you have a better idea of what you want and need, it is up to you to put it together. If you have no experience (and most of us don’t) with application development and code work or what tools/software you will need. Than you’ll of course need to get them. This will ensure that it gets done properly and in a decent amount of time. The right tools to do the right job are essential. You will also need to talk with people who know what you need so you can equip yourself with again the correct tools to accomplish your app creating career and maybe the next huge app.

I think it is a great idea to work at creating a part-time/fulltime business or hobby making your own homemade apps for the iPhone or iPad. It’s the Gold Rush for the 21st Century and apps are hot!

The investment you make in the tools and the time spent learning the process can make you a lot of money and a great career in the long run.

Have fun and make some apps,
A. StCroix

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Android Tablets Compete With the iPad

Apple’s iPad has unleashed a stampede of tablets. Everyone is getting into the act, from laptop makers to phone carriers, and most of them will run their tablets on Android.

Laptop Manufacturers Jumping In
Dell’s 5-inch Streak received a luke-warm reception -it’s too small, too expensive and runs a very old version of Android -but there is a 7-inch Android tablet in the works. On the other hand, the Windows 7-based Dell Inspiron Duo convertible notebook with a rotating 10-inch screen draws wide eyes.

While HP develops a Windows 7-based tablet called the Slate, the Palm acquisition appears on the radar, and now rumor has it we’ll see a webOS tablet with an App Store in 2011. Samsung comes on strong with a 7-inch tablet called the Galaxy Tab and will supposedly be available soon. Laptop manufacturers, including Lenovo (LePad), Acer, Asus (Eee Pad), Toshiba (yes, maker of Toshiba HDTVs) and others have announced intentions to offer a tablet device, most likely running Android. The 2011 CES will likely be the “Year of the Tablet”.

Tablets Coming from all Directions
Expect tablets from major handset manufacturers like HTC (with the rumored Android 3.0) and Motorola. RIM’s new 7-inch tablet, the BlackPad, is expected to be running on a brand new highly robust platform from RIM’s recently acquired QNX Software Systems. This could easily become the “enterprise tablet”.

Cisco has announced an Android tablet called the Cius, monitor vendor Viewsonic (G Tablet) will have a tablet, and even best Best Buy plans to sell a private-label Android tablet branded “Rocketfish.”

Apple is rumored to be developing three new iPads (5.6-inch, 7-inch and 9.7-inch) with OLED displays and possibly two cameras for FaceTime compatibility.

Sadly, it looks likely that the Galaxy Tab will be the only iPad alternative available for the holidays. If you can wait for the floodgates to open, there could be some realistic iPad competitors in 2011.

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Using Social Media Marketing For Your Business

Are you interested in a free-to-use set of powerful marketing tools that will get you targeted website traffic?

Social media marketing is the key. However, this doesn’t mean that you can simply put up a page on Facebook or post a few videos on YouTube and expect the same benefit as you’d get with paid SEO results. This is where investing in know-how comes in.

Social Media Marketing 101

Social media marketing is the online version of word of mouth advertising except that there are a number of additional visual tools you can use to boost the marketing effectiveness. Platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, blogs, forums and YouTube are best used as a kind of “two way street”, in conjunction with a business website where products and services are marketed.

Be Integrated

If you have website, put links to your social platform profile pages on the home page, this will help people feel connected to what you’re doing. If your content on these platforms is relevant to your products and services (as it should be) it will also help establish your authority in that niche.

Share the Love Social Media Marketing

On you home page and accompanying each new content posting, there should also be a set of social media share buttons along with a call to action encouraging people to share your content or site link with others on their favorite social networks. This can help your site get a lot of targeted website traffic.

A free list building technique

On each of your social media profile pages always be sure to include links back to your main business website. This is critical because not only will these links act like a funnel for additional targeted website traffic, but you’re relevant visitors where you can collect their details. Do this by offering a relevant free report, or newsletter, and use an autoresponder to manage the process.

Getting visibility with Google

To further use social media marketing to increase your website traffic, you want to help Google find your content. This content includes your social media profiles and pages, all of which will link back to your main business website, helping it to become more visible to those searching for your products/services.

The way to do this is to incorporate the keywords you’re trying to rank for into all the niche specific content you may post on, not only your business site, but in any relevant blog, forum or social media platform page you frequent.

Image SEO

Keyword technique is not limited to textual content. When dealing with visual content you should also use image SEO. Whenever you post a video on YouTube or an image file anywhere on the web, be sure to include your url and relevant keywords in descriptions, and, if possible, make the keywords anchor text that links back to your website. For video files you can also create a transcript of the video that includes your keywords as well.

By using search engine optimization for social media marketing and a dedicated amount of time and effort, you’ll be able to achieve some great long term SEO results for your business without spending a fortune on your marketing budget. Of course, engaging an SEO professional to manage the process will free up your time for more product creation and marketing.

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Time Tracking and Other Small Business Software

As a small business manager, it is important to use time wisely and effectively. It is also important to ensure you are getting the proper compensation for time spent on the job. Time tracking software can be especially important for companies that are on the go. In addition to tracking time, small business software can also track the miles an employee or manager travels, document invoices, and allow clear and effective communication.

Time tracking software can be used for both managers and employees of a business. This software can often be used without Internet connectivity. It is also able to be synced to different devices. This can easily allow employees to submit their time tracking information to their manager.

Small business software can also track the miles that an employee or member of management travels between jobs. When a company pays an employee to travel for work, tracking the mileage with software ensures accuracy. This benefits both management and the employee, by ensuring the correct mileage is recorded, as well as the correct amount of gas.

Some forms of software also help employers to track an employee’s invoices. This can include both charges to and payments from customers. When a service is completed, an employee is able to record the amount the customer is charged. Once the customer has paid this amount, or part of the amount, it can then be recorded on the invoice. If the account is not paid in full, the remainder of the amount that the customer owes can easily be tracked.

Finally, time tracking software, invoicing software, and other forms of small business software can be important forms of communication. Employees and managers can be updated of important meetings, track their sales and sales of other team members, and provide other data. Because today’s competitive world of business requires management and employees to constantly be on the go, it can be difficult to have clear and focused communication. By using small business software, employers, managers, and employees can ensure that they have clear and effective communication across the organization.

It is critical that small businesses have a competitive advantage when competing against large companies in their niche. By using time tracking software, invoicing software, and communication software, small businesses can keep track of the work of employees and managers. They can also track mileage and invoices, as well as ensure clear and effective communication between members of the organization.

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