Top 5 Tycoon Games

Tycoon games are on of the best video games where you can play God, build your own civilization from scratch and control everything. These are games for strategies and careful thinking and are great for kids to develop certain good abilities such as patience and thinking in advance. Tycoon games or simulation games are the best virtual reality where you can fulfill your dreams and build your own movie studio, run your very own hotel or manage your own maximum security prison.

But there are really a lot of different tycoon games available for purchase online but not all of them are good. So how to know which tycoon game to buy? I made this list to present my top 5 tycoon games that you should definitely try and see that these games are surely top games in this genre.

Below is a list of best five simulation games. If you want to discover even more tycoon games and reviews please follow the link in the signature of this article.

1. Sim City 4

Sim City 4 is by far the most popular simulation game. Here you can build a super metropolis from scratch, become a mayor of your own city and manage your city ordinances and other necessaries to satisfy your people. Sim City 4 has a lot to offer. It features all the important building and infrastructures that every fine city needs and later on gives you special items based on your reputation and success with your metropolis. In Sim City 4 you can build large regions with millions of inhabitants, run successful economy and build a huge civilization. Definitely the most recommended tycoon game to play!

2. Zoo Tycoon

Zoo Tycoon is a zoo simulation game where you can build your very own Zoo, import different species of animals and drive visitors to your new Zoo. You can control everything from a simple candy stand to discoveries of dinosaurs in your genetic labs. Great games for kids and for those who like quality tycoon games.

3. Movies

Movies is a first Hollywood simulation game. You start in the beginning of the 20th century with a small land where you start building your own movie studio. You hire directors and actors, build building, write scripts and win awards. When years pas by you can develop new techniques of film making and new gear with digital improvements. It’s one of the best tycoon games, graphics are awesome and the story is very fine too.

4. Hotel Giant 2

In this game you can build and manage your very own giant hotel and try to satisfy your costumers to have the biggest reputation among all the hotels in your town. Graphics in this game are really amazing and you can manage everything from the cost of your rooms to types of saunas in your saloon. Great simulation games that has a lot to offer!

5. Prison Tycoon

The name says it all. Build your maximum security prison, hire your staff and try to maintain your land so no prisoner escapes while you’re a manager. Build different types of prison building, hire cleaners and guards and perform different tasks. And be sure to entertain your prisoners and make them feel good because if you don’t they’ll start a riot!

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